Month: July 2019

How to Fit Perfect Rings According to Your Hand Size

At Priority we know that the use of the ring is very important for when you have a special event. That’s why here we leave some tips for you to give some ideas of combination and according to your type of hands.

Long fingers

The owner of this type of fingers is lucky because she can use practically any style of rings, even combining 2 rings per finger. The rings with stones, large, in gold, in silver, with pearls; basically the only thing that you would have is to be inspired by the new trends and use them as you wish.

Minimalist rings

Short fingers

As a general rule it is recommended to use minimalist rings, with a long and vertical design, avoiding the wide and complex design. The rings with zircons will help reduce the cuts and help the fingers have a stylized optimal illusion, as if the rings were part of you! Like Diamond Jewelry in texas does that for you.

Thin fingers

The allies of the thin fingers are the stones and the decorations in gold or zircons. Keep in mind that a delicate ring is lost in a hand with thin fingers, so first of all get used to using them with rings that are not very careful.

Thick fingers

In thick fingers we recommend minimalist jewelry, where by their size they do not seem thicker than they are. Try to be subtle and to illuminate your skin: if you have pink skin, white gold neutralizes redness and for yellow skin, white gold highlights its tone.

Small hands

Flee from the big rings! They will only make your hands look even smaller. Stylize your style with delicate, simple, but stylish rings. Give your touch to that stunning look with minimalist jewelry from Joyeria online priority.


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